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工業4.0校園場域 Industry 4.0 campus field

With a great tradition of cultivating highly-trained engineers and managers, NTUST established educational demo factories to help develop interdisciplinary programs; a system akin to the Germany’s method of cultivating industry 4.0 talents.

The core value of the program revolves around the combination of “mission-oriented project” and “practical education.” The aim of this program is designed to serve as the foundation for domestic industries’ technological as well as scientific upgrading. Moreover, NTUST aims to become a pioneer in assisting partner schools to establish local educational demonstrating factories by means of “revising, improving, and updating teaching manuals,” “cultivating seedling teachers,” and “sharing and connecting demonstrating factories.” In addition, NTUST establishes industrial training courses to assist industry-university collaborative projects so as to make up for the shortage of industry 4.0 manpower in domestic enterprises thereby enhance their strategic competitiveness. The collaborations at the same will offer students the benefit of acquiring internships devoted to practical training in industries related to their core specialization.